Treatment Of Warts

For a number of years, patients suffering from the highly contagious and viral infection of warts obtained little or no relief. Happily, nowadays there are several different treatments available for elimination, such as surgical methods, freezing or applying chemicals and creams.
Foremost treatment is use of cryosurgery. It involves spraying the hard lumps growing on the skin with liquid nitrogen. A blister will occur between the warts and the epidermal layer. After some few days, the growth and the surrounding dead skin falls off by itself.
Inject Candida, mumps, or trichophyton antigens at the infected site. They help the body’s immune system fight the wart virus by production of antibodies. The growths disappear after short length of time.
Salicylic acid preparations are valuable treatment as well. They are designed to cure variety of warts, from small to huge ones. They comprise of drops, gels, pads, and plasters. Before applying the acid, clean the infected area carefully. Once applied, the salicylic acids remove the thick layer of dead skin around the surfaces of elevated skin growth.
Although usage of duct tape for warts treatment method is rare, it has been highly believed that covering them with duct tape or any kind of non breathing tape, for example electrical tape can control these small and rough lumps on the skin. It is a non scarring healing. However, the action requires devotion to succeed. The tape should never fall off and it should be opened only a few hours weekly. If that is perfectly observed, the growths vanish without any feel of pain.
Infrared coagulator is a very economical treatment. This is powerful infrared light producer in a small beam like a laser. Regardless of blistering pain and scarring, the strong light vaporizes and destroys tissue and skin growths.
More over, silver nitrate is readily available at drugstores in form of a caustic pencil, which can also remove the warts. Instructions issued by dermatologists have to be followed firmly to reduce staining of the skin and clothing. Afterwards, the elevated growth on the skin will heal though a pigmented scar develops but fades later.
Nonetheless, medical experts have suggested consumption of zinc compounds, such as zinc sulfate and zinc oxide to cause warts departure. They are helpful if taken according to prescribed amount of 2.5 mg/kg/day to avoid copper deficiency.
Consequently, if warts are huge and uncomfortable, surgical removal is discouraged because they’re caused by human papillomavirus and will reappear on surgical treatment.

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