Vaginal Warts

Vaginal warts are spongy in nature. These warts are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma virus). Vaginal wart is a type of sexually spread infection. There is a various type of HPV, and a few of the strains of HPV lead to this viral infection. It is important to gain an overview of vaginal warts so that the procedure of vaginal warts treatment can be started. This type of infection is quite common in the vagina; however even if there is a lack of visible sign, you should get proper remedy to avoid complications. There are various types of HPV which could terminate in precancerous and could eventually lead to vaginal cancer.
Symptoms of Vaginal warts
Vaginal warts are mainly elevated or flat, and usually skin colored. Sometimes, they are so little that cannot be seen with naked eye.
ü  Vaginal warts could be characterized by wetness in the area of the growths, or less increased dampness.
ü  There could also be a raise in vaginal release.
ü  Vaginal warts could be visible in the form of vaginal blood loss during sexual contact.
Remember that in most of the cases, woman who has this infection do not expose any visible symptoms.
Preventions and treatments
A physician could provide various treatments to heal this infection; however it is possible that the vaginal warts might re-emerge after the remedy. There are certain typical treatments which include:
Podophyllin resin:  This resin is a brown colored liquid, which removes the vaginal warts by hampering cell development. Within this technique, Podophyllin resin and Podofilox lotion are applied to the affected area and washed after a time span of 5 hours. This medicine must be applied by the physician so as not to damage the healthy tissue in the region of the vaginal warts.
Podofilox lotion or gel: this lotion or gel can be applied by the patient, and must be use frequently two times a day for three days.
Cryocautery: This method is also referred to as Cryotherapy, and this process utilizes fluid nitrogen for freezing the unrelenting vaginal warts. This treatment is to be followed repeatedly for a time span of one to three weeks.
For vaginal warts treatment, there are non-medical cures too. However it is always the best if you seek a dermatologist’s guidance always. Follow your physician and you will have no worries whatsoever.


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