Various Treatments For Warts

Warts are viral infection of the skin.  It can occur in any age group. It doesn’t really have any hazard effect on those affected. It may however lead to the formation of one form of spot or the other on the affected person.  Through this article, you will be enlightened on the various treatment measures you can follow in order to get rid of your warts.
Mild warts
It is not all kinds of warts that are serious. Some of them are so mild to the extent that they do not really require any kind of special treatment.  These types usually disappear without treatment. It may however take up to two years before such mild warts disappear.  Most people may however not be able to exercise patient for such a long time and they would rather seek for a way to get rid of the warts right from the moment they take notice of it.
Use of Cantharidine
Cantharidine is a special kind of substance that can be extracted from blister beetles.  It can be directly applied on the warts to get rid of it.  Cantharidine is however not used alone on the warts; it is mixed with some other forms of chemicals. The mixture is now applied on to the wart. After application, it can be covered with bandage.  This method can result into the formation of skin blister. This can also lead to very painful swelling.
How Cantharidine functions
Cantharidine helps to remove the blister that covers the warts. It therefore makes it possible to get the warts under the blisters removed very easily. The mixture applied would have killed the warts before this time
Use of laser
Laser had been used on several occasions to treat warts.  The laser helps to kill the warts instantly. It however leaves some scar on the affected area of the skin.  Apart from the scar that results from the use of laser, it is a very helpful and effective way of treating warts. It is very expensive and this therefore limits its usage to very tough warts.
Use of immunotherapy
Immunotherapy is a very good way to get rid of warts. The affected person is given treatments that will help stimulate his or her body immunity. The built up immunity will help the body to fight against warts and reject it automatically.  This is also considerably expensive.  it is therefore used only on rare cases after every other methods must have been tried without success.

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