Virus That Causes Warts

The virus responsible for warts is no other than the human papillomavirus.  The virus has up to one hundred different strains. Each of the strains can lead to warts. The warts caused by some of these strains of virus can grow on any part of the body. Some other ones can grow on the genital area. The ones that grow in the genital area are referred to as genital warts. The genital warts can grow on the penis, the vagina and around the anus.
The human papillomavirus is ubiquitous. This simply means that it can grow on any part of the body and that it can be found in practically anywhere. Its ubiquitous nature makes it very easy to transmit the virus all over the place. There is no object that can not be infected by it. You can contact it by simply touching the cloth of an infected person. If an infected person had touched a door knob, you may also end up contacting it by touching the same door knob. You can even contact it by using the same keyboard as someone who is infected with the virus.
The truth of the matter about the human papillomavirus is that no one can actually say that he or she is free from it. At one point or the other, we all have cause to come in contact with the virus. The most commonly contacted one is the hand warts. Personal immunity may also contribute to the ability of individuals to resist and overcome the infection.
There are several ways by which the virus can be removed. Most of the methods that had been used are not so effective in the long run. The viruses tend to come back after sometime. The best way ever to get rid of human papillomavirus is to build personal immunity of the affected person. The improvement in immunity helps to destroy the virus once and for all.
It is not so easy to diagnose the presence of the virus on the affected person. It may require the performance of what is called the Pap smear test. Any abnormality in the result is an indication of the presence of the virus.  In the case of the virus strain that causes genital warts, it is not so difficult to diagnose. Any wart growing on the genital region is due only to the virus.

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