Warts are common skin growths that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. These growths are often benign and can grow on any part of the skin. The most common areas where warts do grow are like the hands, feet and genital areas.
Warts are like small bumps on the skin and can be of the same color as the skin, or lighter or darker. They are unsightly and this is the main reason as to why most patients would prefer to have them removed.
Types of warts
There are different types of warts depending on where they are formed and how they are formed.

  • Common warts- these generally grow on the hands, fingers and the backs of toes. They are dome shaped.
  • Plantar warts- these  grow on the feet and are associated with pain.
  • Flat warts- these can arise on any part of the body. They mostly occur in numbers.
  • Filiform warts- these occur in such a manner that they look like a long stalk running down the length of the face.
  • Peringual warts- these form around and underneath nails.

Common warts are the ones that affect a majority of the population and they can be very annoying. There is a variety of treatment available for these types of warts.

  • Salicyclic acid- salicylic acid applications are the most common form of treatment and they are very effective. They are available in forms of gels, drops and plasters. This form of treatment is applicable to all kinds of warts. These warts are made up of keratin and the acid is effective in dissolving keratin. Hence, with regular treatment, the warts will reduce in size and disappear completely.
  • Freezing methods- these methods involve exposing the warts to extreme temperatures and then removing them. Aerosol is one popular method of treatment as is liquid nitrogen. However, liquid nitrogen is commonly administered in hospitals and not as an over the counter drug.
  • Duct tape- this is a more informal method of treating warts. It involves duct or electrical tape being placed over the warts. The warts will then fail to grow due to suffocation. This treatment, though some claim can really work, may not be the most effective due to the fact that the tape has to be on at all times. This can prove to be a little bit tricky.


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