Warts An Overview

Most people are bothered about the existence of warts. The embarrassment one feels motivates him or her to look for ways to eliminate them. Aside from embarrassment, these ugly skin growths which cause pain depending on the location where it grows. Therefore, it can be of great help that you take a closer look of this skin problem to furnish you with information on how to deal with it.
The main causes of warts is the human papillomavirus (HPV),and the virus is also responsible for cervical cancer common among women. But men are not totally exempted from acquiring this virus as well. While they can grow anywhere in your body, their visibility is noticed on hands and feet. They easily spread out once an uninfected individual touches or uses the same things as an infected person.
Warts are categorized into different types. Common warts grow on fingers, toes and knees. They are round and have black seeds formed as a result of blood vessels that feed them. Warts that grow on the feet are known as plantar warts although they may resemble to the common type, but they gradually flattened because of the stress they get from walking. Periungul warts are those that grow around toe or finger nails. Witch or filiform warts develop in long stems which are visible on the face.
They are bothersome considering their ugly appearance but others might hurt and bleed once bumped. They gradually disappear even without treatment. Skin doctors treat them in different ways, but freezing is commonly used. Once it is frozen, the surface is then applied with liquid nitrogen and eventually erodes them. This treatment involves multiple treatments. The doctor may suggest applying them with chemical cantharidin but this method is not carried out on stubborn warts. Other methods being used are burning and cutting though less radical methods are started first.
Considering that they never bleed and cause pain, there are plenty of remedies available to banish them. Salicylic acids which are accessible in drugstores are applied daily for several weeks and removes wars gradually. Some find that covering them using duct tape can remove them. Other remedies may include applying substances like raw meat, aloe vera, Vitamin E, banana skins or lemon slices.
Better yet, consult a skin doctor for proper diagnosis especially when they grow in genital parts. Chances are, they are genital warts and if goes untreated, they could develop and aggravate into cancer.


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