Warts & Cancer

Warts is not an uncommon skin condition. It is a skin condition caused by the human papilloma virus.  This virus can easily gain access to the host if the later does not practice good hygiene.  Warts can be found on both the old and the young alike. There is also no particular sex that can be said to be more affected by warts.
When you have warts on you, it will be better if you can get it treated on time. This is because the warts can get bruised and get infected after some time. When warts are present in areas like the genitals, it can easily get infected and the affected person will end up with more complicated results.
There had been several fears of warts leading to cancer.  In case you are having warts on you and you are already burdened with this fear, this simple write up will open your eyes to the possibility of warts leading to cancer.
If you are having warts on your genitals, you stand a very good chance of ending up with cervical cancer.  Genital warts can lead to cancer if the affected person engages in sexual activities while he or she is having the genital warts.
In case you are having warts on your genitals, you should get it treated on time and before you have anything to do with sexual intercourse. If not, you will be opening the door to cervical cancer.  Aside genital warts, anal warts too can lead to cancer. Anyone having this form of warts needs to get them treated on time before things get out of hands.
Cervical cancer, which can result from genital wart, is not something that should be toyed with at all. This is because of the prevalence of cervical cancer worldwide. All over the world, up to half a million women die of cervical cancer. Many of the reported cases were as a result of untreated genital warts.
Genital warts have also been implicated to be responsible for cancer of the vulva, cancer of the vagina and cancer of the penis. It is not only genital warts that can lead to cancer. Other forms of warts like the one in the oral cavity (mouth) can also lead to cancer. This type can cause cancer of the oro-pharynx.
Some researches were made into the link between cancer and HPV, which is the causative organism for warts and it was discovered that HPV is responsible for up to 5% of cancer cases worldwide.

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