Warts Home Remedies

Warts are tiny growths on the body that has been caused by the viral infection of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The majority of the warts occur on the human hands, face, feet, toes, fingers, neck, genital, anal, and forehead. This growth of warts is normally small, flesh in color, and harmless. Warts are non-cancerous disease. It is simply because of the strains of HPV being present in the body. Oftentimes, warts disappear themselves once the virus has done its course. Sometimes treatment needed for the long term warts. Home remedies are effective for the treatment of warts.
Here are some effective warts removal home remedies.
Aloe has been used as a home warts remedy throughout the recent ages, either applied in a topical cream form or directly from the plant leaves. A drop of oil made from the lemon oil can be applied to the warts. It is more effective than the white sap of milkweed.
Calendula has renowned anti-viral properties. You can drink the tea made from its leaves as well as apply the solution directly to the warts.
Garlic is another herbal warts removal home remedy. It has effective anti-viral properties. You can apply the poultice made from garlic on the affected area and cover the area with a bandage. After a week or so the wart will be ready to fall off.
Vitamin E oil is an effective herbal treatment for warts. To remove the warts you have to eat the capsule as well spread the oil daily on the affected area.
Rubbing tea tree oil has been applauded as a famous home warts removal treatment. Warn castor oil applied to the warts is an effective treatment of wart removal. For this treatment, the affected area must be treated three times daily until the wart dissolves.
The use of duct tape is another popular warts removal home remedy. Cut a piece of the duct tape to apply it over the warts and leave it about a week. The dry and dead wart will come off with the tape when removed. This effective wart removal treatment can be repeated as needed.
Good immune system support is necessary for those home treatments. This is a most important element of warts removal home remedies.  Vitamins A, C, E, and B complex as well supplements of anti-oxidants will help greatly to remove warts.

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