Warts Infection

Warts also called verrucae vulgaris, are small painless growths generally caused by a viral pollution of the main skin or mucous membrane. The surface layer of the skin is infected by this virus. These warts viruses are the species of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) family. These viruses are generally harmless. The condition is not cancerous. There are some other strains of HPV have been related with cancer formation which are not associated with wart. It is contagious from man to man and also from one part of the body to other on the same man. However, it can be embarrassing and disfiguring and sometimes they itch or hurt.
Warts are trouble for 8-10% of the population particularly common among children, women, and young adults. There are mainly 60 types of Papilloma Virus that causes the formation of a  wart, each preferring a particular skin location. Some types of HPV viruses cause warts to grow in the mouth; others cause them to rise on the man skin, while still other viruses cause them to produce on the rectal and genital areas. However most of the viruses cause warts can be active any part on the body. The HPV virus goes into the skin and generates new warts into the body after an incubation phase of 1 to 8 months. Warts are mainly skin colored and feel coarse to the touch, but these warts also can be flat, dark and soft.
Warts are passed from man to man directly or indirectly. Some persons are constantly at risk to warts viruses, while others are more defiant to HPV virus and rarely get them. The HPV virus takes grip more readily when the human skin has been injured in some way. There are many types of warts grow in human skin. Common warts, mainly appear on the hand but can visible on any part of the body. Flat warts, are usually appear on the forehead and face. These warts are common in children, but rare in adults and teens. Genital warts are mainly found on the genitals, inside the area between thighs and in the pubic area. But these warts can also appear in the anal canal and vagina. Plantar warts are generally originated on the outside part of the feet of people. Periungual and subungual warts, appear around or under the fingernails and toenails.
Alternative names of warts
Verruca vulgaris, Filiform warts, Verrucae planae juveniles, Plane juvenile warts.

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