Warts On Areola

If you call warts one of the most stubborn kinds of skin condition, you may not be far from the truth. The skin condition can grow on practically any part of the body. It had been noticed on the face and even the legs. It is also possible to have the skin condition growing on places like the sole of the feet. The skin condition had also been reported on several occasions to be growing on the genitals and even the anus.
The most common place on which warts can grow is the hands. This skin condition had also been reported on the areola. The areola is the colored part of the breast. This is more common on female breast. Through this write up, your eyes will be further opened to the form of this skin condition that grows on the areola.
The uncommon situation
The growth of warts on the areola or any other part of the breast is a rather strange occurrence. The numbers of cases being reported are very few in comparison with those that grow on other parts of the body.  When it comes up, it takes up the same appearance as that of the color of the areola.  The warts growing on this part really need to be taken care of on time. The areola is usually covered by clothing and this can lead to some abrasion of the skin condition. When the skin condition gets bruised, it can lead to infection.
Is it really warts?
Presence of warts on the areola is a very strange occurrence; as it had been mentioned above. It is therefore important to properly investigate warts so as to be sure that they are really warts.  There are actually some other skin conditions that look like this one on the areola.  There is something called Montgomery’s tubercle. This too can have the same appearance as the skin condition in discuss.
How to find out
Your doctor is the best help mate in this regard. Do not attempt to apply anything on the skin condition when you notice it on your areola. Instead, pay a visit to the hospital for proper investigation.  At the end of the day, you may even discover that what you are having is not warts but simple Montgomery’s tubercle; which is rather normal. But if the doctor discovers that it is warts he will look for a way to get it treated.


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