Warts On Dark Skin

Warts can happen on all skin colours, it equally affects both light and dark skin individuals.  Warts infection is predominantly caused by some strains of the HPV virus {these virus are normally found on the surface of the skin but their actions are being restrained by the immune system of the body}. Though some individuals may suffer from wart infections as a result of their genetic predisposition to the condition, however a larger percentage of people who suffer from this condition do so through a number of reasons which include, unhealthy sexual intercourse with an infected individual {genital warts}, direct contact with infected people, treatment and medications for some ailments, and general depletion of the immune system.
The difference between wart infections among light skinned people and dark skinned people is that of the colour of the warts. Light skinned people who suffer from warts infection may have their skin discoloured and such discolorations may be reddish, pinkish, or brownish in nature while in dark people, the wart infections may become brown-black, grayish or darkish in colour.
Though both light and dark skin individuals may have their wart infections disappear after a while, it all depends on how their immune system can react to the infection {the disappearance of warts in this manner will thus depend on the strength of the immune system}, other treatments for warts include; cryosurgery, laser treatments, micro-dermabrassion, chemical peeling, Intense Pulsed light therapy {IPL} and the use of salicylic acids, fading creams and other OTC medications.
Wart infections are much easier to be treated with fading creams in light skin individuals. Dark skin individuals may not successfully treat their wart infections simply with the use of fading creams simply because Hydroquinone material found in these fading creams seem to inhibit the production of melanin in dark skin people, this may cause some trouble especially when the liver stimulates more melanin during this treatment.
Flat warts are more common in light skin people while common and plantar warts are equally spread amongst all individuals. The only difference between wart infections on light skin people and dark skin people is the reaction to the several forms of treatments available. Dark skin individuals respond slower to most wart treatments than light skin individuals, it is also believed that dark skin individuals may take more time to get heal after treatment than light skin people.

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