Warts On Fingers

When warts come up on the fingers, it can actually make life difficult. Fingers are very useful and warts can bring about inability to use them. Warts are always accompanied y pain and anyone having warts on the finger is sure to hate the situation of things.
You may have warts without knowing. Many of the individuals who are exposed to it are actually not aware of the fact that they have it on them. Many of these individuals are actually not showing any of the symptoms that are associated with this skin condition.  It is just about one-third of the individuals that are exposed to this skin condition that are showing any sign of infection. In case you have detected warts on your finger or you discovered that your kids are having it and you are already thinking of getting rid of it, this write up will show you what to do to free your fingers from those warts
Try Salicylic acid
This method can only give gradual resolution to the warts problems on you. It may take some weeks before it can bring the needed result. This means that you need to be patient when you are making use of this method for the removal of the skin condition. You can easily buy the salicylic acid at any of the drug stores around and you only need to apply it to the warts.
Try Duct tape
You can also put your trust in duct tapes when you want to remove those unwanted warts from your fingers. You only need to place the duct tape around the skin condition after rubbing with emery board. You need to change the duct tape every day and put on fresh one till the warts leave the skin. This method involving the use of duct tape is rather crooked. But it had been discovered to be one of the best ways to treat the skin condition.
Try garlic
Garlic can be rubbed one the skin condition before you sleep every night. This too can be very effective against the warts on your finger. Make sure that the garlic covers every inch of it. After this, cover the skin condition with a band aid. You should get positive result after applying this treatment method for some months. You will also need to repeat the process every night till the warts leave your skin. Using garlic can be somewhat painful. You need to keep this in mind before you attempt to use it.

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