Warts On The Feet

Just like the warts on other parts of the body, warts on the feet are also caused by the HPV virus which is also know as papilloma virus. The HPV virus which causes the wart to grow on the feet is usually found on the skin and will usually cause wart growth on the feet immediately the body immune system goes down as a result of medication.

HPV virus is everywhere and it is easily spread from one person to the other. Individual persons can also get it through coming into contact with surfaces which harbor the virus. The surfaces include damp places like the inside of a shoe, floor of a public pool, gym and the shower room. These places must be avoided by all means and if not so one should and must prevent his feet from coming into contact with such areas.

The HPV virus gets into the body if contact is made in these dump surfaces which harbor the virus. Once the virus is in the body, it incubates for a period of about three or one month after which a single wart will appear on your feet.

Warts on the feet appear as flat, rough growths with distinct edges. They can be brownish in color with a small black sport in the centre.

Feet warts can be effectively prevented by avoiding touching and scratching the wart on the feet. Note that warts are highly contagious and touching or scratching will make them spread to other parts of the body. If by accident one happens to touch the wart, he or she must wash his hands thoroughly. It is also important to prevent the feet against any form of injury that might cause open wounds or cracks on the feet skin thus creating a way through which the HPV virus will get into your body.  It is also very important to prevent the skin in general by avoiding as much as possible walking barefooted outside, more specifically on damp surfaces. Instead, ensure that the feet are on either shoes or sandals when in areas that are damp.

There are several ways of getting rid of feet wart. The first measure to be effected is to visit a doctor immediately the warts are noticed on the feet. Your doctor will freeze the wart using liquid nitrogen which is the most common effective method to deal with the warts on the feet.


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