Warts On The Hands

Warts is a skin condition which can simply be descried as a small rough growth on the human hand. Warts on the human hand are caused by a viral infection from human papillamavirus. They are contagious in human beings as they have the ability to enter the body either through an open wound or the broken skin. It is also important, to note that one can be infected with warts from others. So it is not necessarily that they must have a wound or an open skin for them to be affected by warts.

One can easily get warts from his or her friend or those already affected by them. Again it is very vital to keep in mind that, warts if not treated at the right time or have them checked by a doctor, they might develop into cancer. However, the sooner a wart is treated, the easier it will be to destroy it before it spreads to other parts of the body or develops into a precancerous condition which might be dangerous to one’s health.
Warts on the human hand are caused by HPV viruses which exist naturally on the human skin. The virus becomes active when the immune system of an individual becomes weak either because of sickness or medication thus exposing one to high risks of contracting warts. Note that warts on the hand appear on your fingers as clusters which are annoying.
It is very important for an individual to visit a health professional immediately they notice warts on the hands. The doctor will help get rid of the warts on the hands effectively by freezing the wart and take it out. Keratolysis can also be another effective method of eliminating the warts from the hands. Keratolysis is done effectively by use of the blistering agent which is directly applied on the wart. Note that immediately the blister develops the doctor can then remove the wart easily.
Vinegar can also be used in treating hand warts. It works by killing the HPV virus which causes warts, however the process of using vinegar as a common wart removal need to be repeated severally until the wart is eventually shrunken.
Warts are not harmful and they have a common characteristic of disappearing in a few months or for some years only to re occur again. Other types of warts are also known for causing cancer on the hands.

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