Warts – The Myths

Many have the wrong perception about warts as well as their causes. Despite the abundance of information to clear up the matter, people just find it hard to let go of what they believed. In effect, they impose treatments of what they believe to be effective and results prove otherwise. So how can you keep yourself from being misinformed?
One way to do that is by knowing the facts about warts. Warts are not caused by simply handling frogs or toads. But they are viral infection caused by HPV virus and considered benign. They develop on the outer layers of your skin and go into the body through abrasion or cut. Once it has already settled on skin layers, they remain inactive and if they activate, they form as warts. Now that you already know some facts about warts, it is now time to tackle the myths. Consider some.
Many believe that warts have roots. No, they do not have. In fact, they develop into the epidermis not on the dermis. If they ever grow deeper, warts just displace the skin’s second layer through their soft bottoms.
Moreover, most believe that a wart is curable. In reality, they are not. HPV virus stays in your DNA once it goes into the body. However, ways are available to treat as well as remove them. Others believe that toads can cause warts but the HPV virus is only present between human and not on toads.
For genital warts, you can never know if a person has it. In fact, most of genital warts are invisible. They could be concealed internally, not painful and do not bleed. But they could be transmitted through sexual contact. The HPV virus causing warts to your body is different with the ones that cause genital warts.
The majority think that warts continuously grow. Usually though, they do not. In fact, they naturally disappear in six months. For some, they grow and reproduce and if this happens, it is a strong indication that it requires medical attention.
Lastly, when it comes to wart treatments, they usually view it to be painful. Well, technology was able to make this treatment painless so do you not have to torture yourself with the traditional painful treatment. In fact, some treatments will just let you use natural over-the-counter ointments and essential oils.
With this information, you are properly guided regarding the truth about warts and looking for treatments that are best for your condition.

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