What Are Genital Warts?

Genital warts are also referred to as venereal warts because they are contracted mainly through sexual intercourse. They are characterized by some bumpy growths in the genital region of the body. Just like any other type of Warts infection, Genital warts are also spread and developed by the HPV virus. Genital warts in men appear on the scrotum, groin, penis or thigh and are characterized by small, large, flat or raised growths. Sometimes warts can cluster together to form a cauli-flower like growth which are fresh-coloured and painless. It may take several months or years for the symptoms of warts to show, and that is if there are any symptoms at all.
In women, genital warts occur in the vaginal region and such warts can lead to changes in the cervix which can trigger skin cancer. Males and females who have genital warts should seek treatment immediately to avoid the risk of getting genital cancer.  Both male and female genital warts are transmitted through sexual contact (normal, anal or oral), once an individual is infected with genital warts, it may take several weeks for the infection to appear afterwards.
There is a vaccine that has been developed for individuals within ages 8-27 years, these vaccines are able to render the HPV virus useless and unable to trigger wart infections on the skin, these vaccines on the other hand do not cure an individual that has already been infected with the HPV virus neither does it protect against all strains of the virus. Due to the fact that genital warts occur as a result of sexual activities, it will be ideal to restrain from abnormal sexual behaviour or make use of latex condoms which offer better protection than natural condoms.  Female condoms made from polyurethane can also offer great protection against the spread of genital warts.
Teens that are being treated for wart infections must also be tested for sexual diseases and if they are too shy to discuss their sexual activities with their parents, they should be made to talk to their doctors.
There seem to be no cure for genital warts; however there are several prescription medications that can offer some great relief from the symptoms of genital warts. Other treatment procedures such as laser removal and cryosurgery should be performed under strict conditions to avoid damage to such sensitive parts of the body. Some underlying STD infections must also be treated before genital wart removal is performed.

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