What Are The Best Warts Removers?

Warts are lesions that occur on the skin. It is a noncancerous skin conditions that is characterized by small rough tumors on the skin that are contagious and caused by a viral infection.
There are numerous warts removers but there some which are just the best. Some are natural remedies while some are done by the doctor.
Castor oil is a natural remedy for warts. This oil is rubbed on the lesions before you get to bed then you wash it out in the morning. Castor oil can sometimes have a bad smell and if you are not comfortable enough, you can mix it with lemon oil. Apple cider vinegar is used just the same way as castor oil. This treatment however causes a burning effect and you can opt to use it for 30 minutes thrice daily instead of sleeping with it.  The burning effect caused by apple cider vinegar makes it very efficient for warts and within a few hours after applying it, you will realize a change on the lesions.  People who have small lesion shave reported to have had the warts disappear in less than 10 days. Apple cider vinegar is easily acquired.
Cryotherapy is good treatment for warts. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on warts to ease them and it also freezes the warts. This does not require a special room and in most cases, the doctor does this in the office.  Electrocautery involves the use of electric current to burn off warts. It is some sort of surgery and works on warts. Beams of light are used on warts to kill them. This treatment is known as laser treatments. You should note that lasers are very effective but expensive and most people use it as the last option when everything else has not worked.

Trichloracetic acid is also applied on the warts to ease the situation. Antiviral medications are given to work on the virus in your body. Its effects are eased and the warts disappear. Warts can be cut off but it is not good to cut off warts all by yourself. The doctors are well trained on this and they will cut the warts off professionally to avoid complications.
In conclusion, it is always good to seek medical advice if you react to any home remedies and also seek medical advice when a form of treatment fails. You should also ensure that you avoid circumstances that will expose you to warts.

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