What Causes Warts?

Almost 1 out of every 10 people will develop warts at one time or the other and warts do not occur from sunlight exposure as some people do think. They are actually caused by some form of a virus that lives on the outer surface of the skin- the HPV virus{ Human Papilloma Virus}. The HPV virus is able to penetrate the skin and cause wart infections when the skin is damaged, and through cracks and other injuries that affect the epidermis layer of the skin. The effect of the actions of warts is that skin cells within the affected location will replicate more than normal and such cells will try to compete for location, resulting in an outbreak.
Warts do not occur from toads as some people may believe, it occurs as a result of the attack of the HPV virus on skin cells. Warts are characterized with the growth of benign tumours . Wart infections can spread from one individual to the other and can also be spread from one location of the body to another. An infected person can easily transfer the infection to an unaffected person or when such an unaffected person uses some belongings of an affected person such as towels, clothings and accessories.
The HPV virus enters the skin through cracks and bruises and they thrive most in moist regions and they are mostly associated with public showers and locker rooms, hence you can get the HPV virus which can lead to Warts infection if you are in contact with wet floors where infected people have also touched. Wart infections can be easily avoided through ideal personal hygiene such as wearing protective coverings on your feet especially when you are in public toilets and bathrooms. Also you should try as much as possible to avoid sharing things with infected people, avoid sharing things like bath towels, shaving razors and clothes for instance.
The incubation period of warts can be as much as 9 months, hence it might take a very long time before an individual is aware that he or she is infected with warts. Some People are more susceptible to wart infections than others, it has been observed that younger individuals who are very active are more susceptible to warts, aside this people with deficient immune systems especially people who have just been treated for some sicknesses also have higher tendencies of developing the infection that people with great immune systems.

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