What Do Warts Look Like?

What Do Warts Look Like?
There are several common skin conditions around today. Warts happen to be one of them. Wart is so common to the extent that practically anyone can have it. At one point or the other, every individual ends up with warts. Several researches have shown however that it is more possible to have warts as one grows older.  Warts do not have any negative impact one the health except that some people may have their confidence affected by the skin condition.
In case you do not know how warts exactly look like, this simple write up will open your eyes to how it looks like. This will help you to easily identify the skin condition without any mistake.
Where they are found
Wart is caused by a virus called HPV. When you contact this virus, you are sure to get warts as a result. Warts generally appear on fingers, toes and even on the feet. They can also be found on the eyelid and even on the arm. If wart is left untreated, it can spread. This is what occurs with many of the viral infections around. Warts have also been reported on the genitals.
How they look like
Warts do not have any specific kind of size or shape. There are times that the wart may be flat and there are times it may be elevated. Wart looks like it has dark spots in the middle. These dark spots are as a result of blood vessels that are supplying the warts from the body’s blood circulation.
Factors determining its appearance
How warts appear is determined most of the time by the area on which the wart is coming up. The form of wart that comes up on the mouth usually has the same color as the color of the skin on which it grows. Something like thread also sticks out of this form of wart. The wart that grows under the toes and fingers are very broad and have uneven surface. This form tends to affect the normal growth of your nails. The wart that grows on the face is rather flat. This form also varies in color; it can be light yellow, light brown or pink in color.
Once you notice warts on your skin, you will do well to get rid of the skin condition on time. If you do not, it will spread to other parts of the skin. It can even get infected further.

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