What Symptoms Are Associated With Warts

Warts are a rather common skin conditions. Many people are actually having it. You too may be bearing it about without knowing. You may never know until you give every part of your body a real thorough search. There is no age group that warts can’t affect and there is no part of the body where warts can’t grow. This is why every one seems to be concerned about having it. There is also no known medical condition that can be said to be responsible for the growth of the skin condition on the skin.
When warts come up on the skin, they can do so singly or in multiple.  It is important for you to know the symptoms of the skin condition so as to easily recognize them when they show up on your skin.  This simple write up will guide you aright on the symptoms of warts.
Some common symptoms
It is possible for warts to appear either singly or in multiples. So when you begin to see this skin growth that looks like a hanging rice seed on your skin, it is probably warts.  The skin condition commonly grows on the hands. It is not as if it does not grow on other parts of the body, but the hands are the most affected part of the body.
If you look into the skin condition, you will see some black dots in it.  The black dots are usually referred to as seeds.  In actual fact, the black dots you see are the tiny blood vessel in the skin condition.
Warts do come in different forms. The form in which it comes is usually determined by the part of the body on which it is growing.  The ones that grow on the sole of the feet usually appear like lumps, the lumps can either be light brown or they will have the color of the skin part on which they are growing. The characteristic tiny blood vessels will also be present in it.
There are times that the skin condition comes up on the face. This form tends to be very smooth. They are also rather small in size in comparison with others growing on other parts of the body. The ones that come up on the legs too do have the same appearance as the ones that come up on the face. They too look rather small in appearance.

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