Will My Children Get Warts?

Warts are not in any way hereditary in nature. The virus which causes the wart infection-the HPV virus itself lives outside of the skin and does not occur from within the body. As a matter of fact wart infections are spread by direct contacts including sexual intercourse or  using some clothing material belonging to a wart patient. Wart infections thus cannot be spread to your children by means of their genetic predisposition, however your children can get warts if you are suffering from warts and they come in contact with you or if they share your clothing such as bath towels with them.
Your children can also get warts if you expose them to outdoor activities for a long time. When your children mix with other kids or some people who have already contacted warts , then they may develop the infection , it is very important that you teach your kids not to share clothings or become too playful with other kids you believe are suffering from any form of skin problems.
Not all strains of the HPV virus can trigger wart infections, many of these strains are only transferred through sexual intercourse. If you child has grown enough to have sex, then their chances of contacting warts infections are higher, as a matter of fact, parents are advised to teach their children sex education as early as possible.
Your child can also get wart infections if he or she has a weakened immune system, several things can account for a depletion of immune system, a child that has just been treated for some chronic infections will have his or her immune system depleted. One of the ways by which the HPV virus triggers warts is because of a weakened immune system. These viruses seem to be present on the skin of everyone but their activities are being hindered by the immune system as well as good hygienic practices.  It is important that you help your child take his or her medication during and after treatment for some infections, also a healthy diet will also help restore the immune system of a child.
Your children may also contact warts if you do not take proper care of their hygiene, It is very possible to protect your children from warts when you bath them constantly especially when they have come from play grounds, however children who do not bathe at least twice a day will be likely to contact wart infections.

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