Best Treatment For Warts

Warts are painless growths that are found on the outer layer of the skin. They are caused by exposure of the skin to the human papillomavirus. Exposure to this virus causes the cells located on the outer layer of the skin to rapidly multiply and result in the hard growth. There are several types of the human papillomavirus. Each of these types is responsible for the cause of a specific type of wart. These include warts that are located on the hands, feet, genitalia and other parts of the body.

Warts spread mainly through direct contact with the virus. It may be skin to skin contact or by sharing of personal effects like towels with a person with warts. However, some people are more prone to warts than others. This can be explained by the fact that some people have stronger immune systems than others. The genetic makeup of an individual also contributes a big part in determining how resistant the person will be to the virus.

There are many ways of treating warts. Most drug stores will have a large variety of creams that can be used in the removal of warts. Most of the creams bought commercially work effectively in the removing of the growths. A good number of them contain salicylic acid or a propane freezing solution that chokes the wart and prevents it from spreading. However, before trying the commercial wart removal creams, most dermatologists advise that the patient first tries some home remedies. Some of the home remedies are almost as good as wart removal cream. However, when using home remedies, it might take a longer period to remove the wart completely.

Some of the home remedies that can be used include onions, fresh pineapple juice and the roots of the dandelion flower. Onion juice should be applied directly on the wart two or three times a day and before long, it is expected that the wart should have disappeared from the skin surface. Where onion juice is unavailable, the raw onion may be rubbed on the wart and left there for some time before it is washed off. Fresh pineapple juice is also very effective in the removal of warts since it has enzymes that work on the warts and cause the growths to dry. Rubbing a piece of pineapple has the same effect on the wart. The white milky juice from the roots of the dandelion flower will cause the wart to dry and fall off if it is applied regularly.


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