Brown Warts

Brown warts can be very annoying since they affect the physical appearance of a person’s skin. This condition can be easily dealt with by use of natural home remedies. Most of these natural remedies are found right in the kitchen.
The first method for removing warts at home is using lemons. The solution required for the job requires a few days to become ready for use. The preparation process involves soaking a lemon peel in a jar of vinegar for three days. After this period, a piece of the lemon peel that is the same size of the warts should be carved out of the lemon peel and placed on the mole. There should be a stinging sensation due to the action of citric and ascorbic acids from the lemon and vinegar. The peel should be left to stay on the patch for a few minutes to half an hour. It should therefore be secured with a band aid. The process should be repeated daily until the wart disappears.
Garlic is yet another cure that is used to remove warts. The juice from garlic should be applied several times a day for a period of about two weeks. The mole peels off after a few weeks of application of the juice. Moles are known to be caused by the human papillomavirus. Consumption of garlic strengthens the immune system to fight the infection. This helps address the main cause of some moles.
Green walnut pericarp is very effective to deal with moles. It is not very common in homes but it can be bought at a grocery store. The wart should be rubbed several times daily with the green walnut pericarp. This helps to completely remove the mole in about two to three weeks.
Tea tree oil has been used to treat ailments of the skin for many years. A person should apply tea tree oil directly on the wart several times a day. Alternatively, a person can massage the oil into the wart for a period of 20 minutes every morning or evening. This procedure should take care of the wart in not more than three weeks. The wart falls off by itself and leaves behind healthy skin.
Another method is using propolis tincture. The propolis tincture should be placed on the wart and pressed with a tampon. The procedure should be repeated daily until the wart dries out and falls off by itself. This method takes a few weeks to completely remove the wart.

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