Contagious Warts

Warts are caused by a virus referred to as the human papilloma virus. It is a very dangerous skin condition and it can lead to cancer if care is not taken. Warts can be very itchy. It is however not in your best interest to scratch it; doing that will only worsen the case with the warts. Warts have different appearance; depending on the particular part of the skin where it is growing. In actual fact, there are up to sixty different strains of the virus that can lead to warts. This also accounts for the varying appearances of warts.
Are you bothered about whether warts can be contagious or not? This simple write up will open your eyes further.
How contagious
Wart is a highly contagious skin problem. It is caused by a virus and many of the viral infections around are highly contagious. Do not forget that wart comes up as an open sore. This also promotes the ease of contacting it from one person to another.
How it can be contacted
You do not need more than simple skin to skin contact to contact warts. If your skin touches that of a contaminated person at the point of infection, you are sure of getting the skin condition. It is also very possible for you to end up with warts if you share the same clothing with someone that is infected. Sharing bed with an infected person too can transmit the warts to you.
How to prevent transmission
Now that you know that warts can be contagious, it is only proper for you to seek to prevent its transmission onto you from an infected person. Once it had been discovered that an individual near to you is having it, make sure that the person is ‘quarantined’ for the time being. The infected person should also seek for treatment immediately. After the affected person had been treated, every clothing and bedding of the affected person should be fumigated. After this, they should be dried under the sun.
If you notice that you are having warts, it is not advisable for you to mix with other individual who do not have it. If not, you may transfer the warts to them. You should also not share your clothing with others. Things like blades and towels should never be shared for any reason under the heaven. You should also ensure a high personal hygiene and seek treatment on time.

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