Dangerous Warts

Warts are commonly found on people of all ages; there is no particular age group that can be said to be free from having the skin condition at one time or the other. Warts can also come up on many parts of the body. The skin condition is caused by a virus called human papilloma virus. They come up on the skin in the form of accumulated keratin. The tumor can be painful at times. The human papilloma virus lends a helping hand to the keratin and make it grow very fast until the skin area becomes vividly crusted with the excess keratin.
How dangerous is wart
Many of the types of warts around are not dangerous. But there are some other ones that are considerably dangerous. It may be somewhat difficult to differentiate between eth harmful warts and the ones that are not harmful. This is why every one having warts should treat the skin condition as dangerous. The level of danger a wart can pose is dependent on the area of the skin where it is growing.
Genital warts
Genital warts are one of the dangerous forms of warts around. The genital area if ever moist and many forms of bacteria grow there. This then brings up the possibility of the warts getting contaminated and getting infected. The infected warts can lead to cancer if care is not taken. It had also been discovered that genital warts are highly contagious. This is the reason anyone having it should look for a way to get rid of it on time.  The genital warts are known to either lead to cervical cancer of anal cancer. This form of wart actually contains a special kind of HPV.
Warts are contagious
It is not only genital warts that are contagious; every form of warts had been discovered to be so. You only need to come in contact with an infected person and you will soon have the skin condition on your skin. It is also possible to transmit warts from one part of the body to the other.  This means that warts growing on the arm or hands can be easily transmitted to a place like the genitals.
It is not hygienic to scratch at your warts; irrespective of where they are growing. By doing this, you are transferring the warts to your fingers and you may soon have warts growing on your fingers.  You should pay a visit to the hospital for effective treatment.

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