Different Warts Removal Techniques

The premium cause of warts is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The most of the warts occur on the neck, feet, face, hands, knees, and forehead of the human body. Warts can be discomforting for people, but a number of warts removal treatments are available to get rid of them. Most of the remedies can entirely remove warts. You should always wash hands before doing anything to help avoid spreading the strains of HPV, which started the initial wart.
You can take an appointment with your local physician before taking any treatment. Discuss the choices of freezing the warts in your body. Liquid nitrogen is one of the best freezing treatments, which will fully remove the warts. After few weeks, the freezing remedy is repeated for reappearing of warts. You can do this treatment yourself at home with over the counter fluid nitrogen freezing supplies. However, you run the threat of freezing or burning the affected skin area around the warts.
A familiar home treatment for wart removal is using a duct tape. First clean the affected area of wart with a fresh piece of cloth. Then apply a little portion of duct tape over the warts. Remove the duct tape after six or seven days. Clean the wart area with soapy, warm water. Allow the wart affected area to rest for few days. Repeat this procedure until the warts are removed.
Majority of the wart removal medicines contain salicylic acid. These medicines are available in liquids, creams, sprays or freezing compounds. It is essential to follow the instructions for using those medicines carefully to evade spreading warts or injuring the affected area.
Cantharidin is a chemical compound that destroys the HPV and burns the wart affected area. Most of the dermatologists use the cantharidin on the warts. After eight to ten days, they remove those dead skins of warts from the body. The dermatologists generally scratch and cut the area to do this medical treatment.
Laser removal treatment of warts is painless.  Dermatologists normally apply a laser instrument to burn and destroy the warts of the skin. This laser treatment technique is costly that is why this method is rarely used. There is no local anesthesia needed for this in office treatment.
Surgical removal remedy to remove warts is the less popular way. Dermatologists slice the wart affected skin in this remedy. There can be a minor scarring with this surgical treatment.

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