Facts About Warts In Pregnancy

Any mother will get bothered if she develops warts during pregnancy. It becomes all the more disturbing if the warts are the genital warts. The fetus stands a very good chance of getting infected also with warts. There is also a great possibility of the mother’s vagina and uterine canal to be contaminated with warts. This will only lead to the aggravation of the possibility of warts infection in the new born.  This article will discuss some important things that a nursing mother needs to know about warts in pregnancy.
Reduced maternal immunity
During pregnancy, a mother tends to have some reduction in her immunity. This reduction will make it possible for the mother to be susceptible to all forms of infection. She may easily contact warts and the infection may spread to other parts of her body; including the womb. The fetus may not be able to escape being affected by the warts. This suppression in maternal immunity even leads to the aggravation of the occurrence of genital warts during pregnancy.
Laryngeal papillomatosis
This is a life threatening condition that is usually associated with the unborn baby. If the mother contacted genital warts during pregnancy, the fetus may suffer from this health problem. The mother may not even be ware of the compromised state of health of the new born baby until the child is up to three years of age.  Laryngeal papillomatosis manifests with the appearance of warts in the mouth and the throat of the baby.  The warts are able to develop in these areas because of their warm and moist state. The condition there is conducive for its growth and development.
Laryngeal papillomatosis can be easily treated with the aid of laser surgery.  The surgery will however need to be carried out on periodic basis. This helps to prevent any form of blockage to the respiratory tract of the baby.
In order to prevent the possibility of a mother infecting a child during child birth with warts, it may become important for the delivery to be done through caesarian section. This will help to prevent the possibility of the mother infecting the child. Per-virginal birth in this kind of situation can only lead to birth complications on the part of the mother. The mother may suffer from excessive bleeding, which will lead to hemorrhage. This may end up resulting into death of the mother if care is not taken.

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