How To Remove Warts On Toes

Numerous skin conditions and warts is one of them. Warts are non cancerous highly contagious lesions that appear on the skin. They are more common on the hands and feet but they can be found on the face, neck, elbows and lips. Warts are usually caused by a viral infection and can get into the body through open cuts and scratches. They are not curable but go away with time. Warts can also reappear after some years.
There are several types of warts. Plantar wart normally attacks pressure points of the body like the sole of the feet. This type of warts is hard and is sometimes a painful lump and it has multiple black specks in the center at most times. Mosaic warts are plantar-type warts common on the soles of the feet and the hands. These warts are usually in a group where they are tightly clustered. Common are normally raised with a roughened surface. This type of warts is very common on the hands but it can also appear on other body parts. Genital warts, just like the name suggests are found in the genitalia. They can also be referred to as venereal warts.
Warts appear on the toes too and they disappear by themselves in most cases. Nevertheless, it is good to seek medical advice and try to treat the toe warts. The feet are always subjected to pressure and the skin there can be rough. Rough skin is not good for treatments and therefore, to make treatment easier, you should at least use a nail file to remove the tough dead skin from your toes. You should do this at least once in two days.
There are commercial drugs for toe warts that you can use to get rid of warts. Look for the medicines that you can use on the warts at least on a daily basis. As you buy the commercial drugs, you should always ensure that you follow the instructions to the latter.
Sometimes, commercial over-the-counter drugs are not that effective and you need to seek medical advice. A doctor will prescribe new medicine for you which you are to get from the pharmacist.  The most common drugs advised by doctors are podophylin and salicylic acid. For good results, always make sure that you follow the doctor’s prescription.
In conclusion, toe warts are easily treated and all you have to do is follow instructions and seek medical advice when treatment does not work.

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