How To Treat Warts On Feet

If you are not having warts presently, this does not mean that you too will not end up falling victim to it as time goes on. There are so many things that can predispose you to having this skin condition. If you consistently rub on any particular part of your body, you stand a very good chance of having it on that particular part of the body. Any part of the body that is susceptible to friction too can develop the skin condition.
There is no age specificity as far as warts are concerned. It can actually grow on any part of the body. There are times it can get infected and this will lead to further complications.  In case you are having the skin condition on your feet, this simple write up will teach you about how to get rid of it.
Warts on the feet
When this skin condition shows up on the feet, it is referred to as planter warts. It comes up with a light brown color, which is also the normal color of the feet.  This form of the skin condition is not painful in the least. It can however affect the ease of movement.  The causative organism for this form of warts   and every other forms of the skin condition is a virus. The virus can enter into any cut in the skin and lead to the skin condition.  It is also possible for the warts on the feet to disappear on its own after it had occurred for a number of weeks without any treatment intervention.
Home treatment
There are numbers of things you need to put into consideration while you are treating foot warts at home. It is important to always keep your feet dry. This will reduce the possibility of the skin condition getting infected.  After taking your bath or showering, you should dry your feet and between the toes. In order to keep the feet dry, you can sprinkle powder all over the feet. The powder will help to absorb any moisture in the feet.
Soaking the feet in warm water can also be helpful. But make sure that you add some salt to the warm water. Make sure that your shoes are made of leather, which is able to allow breeze. You can also apply salicylic acid on the warts to get it treated. Some over the counter ointments too can be directly applied on the skin condition.

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