How To Treat Warts On Hands

Warts can easily come up on any part of the body. It had been reported on the genitals, the legs and even the feet. It can also grow on the hands. In fact, the most common area on which the skin condition grows is the hand. In case you are having it on your hands, this simple write up will teach you how to get rid of it.
Its general appearance
There is actually not much difference between the warts that grow on the hands and the ones that grow on other parts of the body. They all have practically the same appearance.  They appear in the form of lumps on the skin. The lumps have dark spots in them. The dark spots are the small blood vessels that supply the skin condition with blood. The blood and nutrients supplied by the small blood vessels keep the warts ‘alive’.
When the skin condition appears on the hands, it is harmless. There is no fear of cancer developing from it, they can be unsightly. They can make the skin look very rough. This is the main reason why many people will give anything to get rid of the skin condition.
Freeze it out
One of the most commonly used methods for treating warts of any form if liquid nitrogen. This treatment method can be performed in the hospital by a dermatologist. It can also be performed at home if you are already conversant with the procedure. You only need to apply the liquid nitrogen directly on the skin condition. Leave it for some seconds and repeat the procedure for as many times as possible during the day.
The liquid nitrogen will help to freeze the blood vessels in the warts. This will prevent blood and nutrients from reaching the skin condition. After some days of consistent application, the skin condition will drop off the skin.
Try banana peels
It is also possible to make use of banana peels for treating warts. You only need to cut the banana peels into small portions and place it on the skin condition. You can hold the banana peels in place with a bandaid or a duct tape. Check the skin condition every twenty four hours and replace the banana peels. After applying this method for a number of days, you are sure to get rid of the skin condition. You can also place the duct tape directly on the warts without using any banana peel.

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