Surgical Removal Of Warts

The most aggressive form of warts is removed by surgical means. Common warts are raised on the skin and they are often found to be less painful than plantar warts. Common warts can also easily be removed surgery and is less painfull, plantar warts on the other hand are more painful, inward growing lesions which are very difficult to be removed by surgical means. Just before a wart infection is removed by surgical means , the physician must examine closely the growing patterns of the wart to see if the wart has been growing abnormally, otherwise an abnormal wart may reoccur even after a couple of years after removal.
The advantage that surgical treatments have over other forms of treatment for warts is that surgically removed warts have a low chance of reoccurring. Electro-cautery, Laser surgery and cryosurgery are the three most common surgeries used in the treatment of warts. Electrocautery involves the burning off of warts on the skin. This form of surgery is performed under a strong aesthetic conditions to prevent any complication of the skin. Prior to this surgical treatment, the area to be treated is first numbed and a thin, needle-like instrument is used in burning off the wart. The wart will appear to be bubbling when this surgery is being carried out.
Laser beam surgery is similar to electro-cautery in the sense that laser beam also involves the burning of wart growths on the skin. CO2 gas is often used in laser beam surgery and that is why this form of surgery is also referred to as CO2 beam surgery . Cutting is not required in the performance of this form of surgery, however the possibility of scarring is much less reduced in laser beam treatment than other forms of surgery.
Cryosurgery is the least expensive form of surgical treatment of warts. It often involve the use of the freezing liquid “Nitrogen” in removal of the wart. When cryosurgery is performed on the skin, a blister will appear just between the surface of the skin as well as the wart, the freezing liquid “Nitrogen” freezes the wart and the skin surrounding the wart in such a way that both die off and you should expect a little stinging sensation when the liquid Nitrogen is applied on your skin, likewise a temporary whitening of the treated surface. Once the warts dies off the area will improve in appearance after few days.

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