Treatment Of Warts By Type Of Drugs And Procedure

There has been tremendous improvements in some ways warts are treated , for instance new improve methods involves the boosting of the immune system to fight the infection natural especially in the genital areas of the body as well as moist regions.
Salicylic acid for instance is one of the most prominent treatment methods for warts, this can be applied in form of liquids as well as plasters. Salicylic acid is more effective especially when the skin area is covered and it acts by softening the already thickened skin, and  it is more effective in treating warts infections of the hand, knees and feet. They are characterized by the whitening of the skin.
Tretinoin or Acid Vitamin is another popular topical treatments offered in treating warts infections. Tretinoin helps to keep the epidermis layer of the skin normal, and it is most effective for the treatment of all photo damages { including sun spots and age spots}. This form of  wart treatment may lead to some form of inflammation which is only temporary.
Podophyllin is one of the oldest treatments for warts. This form of wart treatment is applied best in difficult areas such as the genital parts, and this form of treatment is applied gently so as to prevent the warts from spreading to the normal skin region, the application is rinsed off after few hours. It can also be applied two times a week for several weeks to achieve the best result. Some forms of irritation should be expected with this kind of wart treatment.
Cryotherapy is a wart treatment therapy that involves the use of freezing Nitrogen . Freezing liquid Nitrogen is capable of destroying the wart cells on the skin causing them to fall off after few days . The continuous multiple treatments through freezing and thawing will make the treatment very effective. This form of treatment can be used alone or with some other therapies depending on the reaction of the patient’s skin to the treatment. It is effective in reducing pigmentation on the skin.
Cantharone is one wart treatment therapy that is developed from insects. This treatment might be somehow painful and it is one of the easiest ways of treating warts in children. The treatment may be accompanied by inflammation and blistering which will subside after a while. Electro-desiccation as well as CO2  Laser therapies can also be used in treating warts.

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