Types Of Skin Warts

Warts are mainly caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). They are harmless but sometimes cause embarrassment for the people. There are over 100 types of HPV virus. These viruses get into the top layer of the skin and infect it. Warts can appear all parts of the body after a few months. Warts are contagious. They can spread very easily. Simple contact with HPV virus can lead to warts. Sharing personal items like razors, towels, or shoes will spread the virus as well.
Wart types:
Mosaic wart- This type of wart is found mainly on the hands and feet. The warts generally appear in clusters that is why they are named mosaic.
Flat wars- They are normally flesh colored, small, and slat. Flat warts can appear on the knees, neck, face, hands, and wrists. These warts can appear in great numbers on the skin.
Common wart- They are an ordinary types of wart in nature. Common warts can appear on the knees and hands in a group. These warts are unsightly skin scratches because they appear rough and raised.
Filiform wart- This type of wart can appear around the lips and eyes of people. Since these warts are appeared on the facial area, many patients with this type of warts want to remove them as soon as possible.
Donkey wart- They are generally called penile or genital warts. Some people also call them a venereal wart.
Plantar wart- plantar warts are found on the soles of the feet. They are quite painful. These warts should be removed as soon as possible because they can affect everyday living of people.
Most of the times, warts can be identified by their location. You can consult with a dermatologist for proper medication. There are also effective herbal treatments for these warts. These herbal treatments are less expensive. You can even cut off your warts by a surgeon. But this surgical treatment is a bit risky because it might cause infections or bleeding. You can also take laser treatment for painless removal of warts. Herbal treatment might take few weeks or months for proper removal of warts.

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