Verruca is a condition that is caused by the HPV or human papilloma virus and it is majorly found on the toe. Others call it the plantar warts or simply, warts. The biggest challenge about them is that they may not be easy to notice, but are evidently painful. Although they spread, it is not easy to get them unless you have contact with a person who is affected. In fact, they are normally considered to disappear on their own, even though there are medical treatment that is recommended. The treatment is generally administered to reduce pain that is associated with its symptoms.
How they are contracted
According to research over seven percent of Americans have at some point been infected by verruca, the skin infection that attacks the feet. Walking in moist surfaces barefoot, especially in the swimming pools, showers, and even during cold seasons, is known to be the main agent through which human papilloma virus gets their victims. Normally the virus is hardy and can spend months alive before it finds a host to cling on.
This is the reason why the virus is more contagious. For it to jump to another person, it is either through stepping in the shower used by someone infected or having direct skin contact with such individual. In case of skin contact, it gets in only through pieced areas or cuts. Even after infection, they will stay for long before manifesting. This is due to pressure on the foot sole pushing them inside the skin and later on causing painful sores or swelling
Diagnosis and signs
A person infected can notice this contagious skin condition on their feet through swelling with a dark sport on the centric part. Apart from the swelling, they are associated with pain which is quite uncomfortable. The infected area becomes hard on the edge and almost scaly. Generally verruca are not necessary painful, but the pressure exerted on them by the weight of the body against the feet is what contributes to pain. They may also be noticed through smoothening changing of the foot prints, turning smoother.
Treatments of verruca
It is fortunate that this viral disease can be treated. Most effective treatment is natural, where filing is done using a pumice stone or foot file. Naturally, they will disappear on their own and therefore the treatment is only meant for the purposes of dealing with pain. In case natural methods are not working for you, podiatrists should help.
What should always be remembered is that the best way to deal with them is prevention. Making sure that you avoid all possible conditions that can favor their presence is important.

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