Wart Removal By Freezing

Wart infections can be removed with the use of cryosurgery or liquid Nitrogen freezing. Aside Nitrogen , Argon or even CO2 gas can also be used for the treatment. Cryosurgery is first performed and then the frozen tissues are removed physically without hurting the surrounding skin regions. Freezing treatment for wart infections involves various steps, perhaps you will need to prepare the wart first before freezing, you may also have to undergo several cryotherapy sessions before your wart infections are permanently removed, if you have several warts spread all over your body, then you may have to go for more invasive treatments.
There are several things you need to do before your warts finally undergo a freezing treatment, these pre-freezing steps will reduce the time spent on the freezing therapy as well as the healing processes. First and foremost, you will need to clean the wart infection with soap and water continuously everyday for 2 weeks, and then rub 17% salicylic acid on the wart. After rubbing the gel, you need to cover the wart with a salicylic acid pad , the salicylic acid pad comes with a sticky back component that allows the pad to stick to the wart infection for a long time{ remember to cut the pad in such a way that it extends beyond the wart infected region.
You can cover the wart with the salicylic acid pad for 24 hours however you may have to discontinue the use of the salicylic gel and pad especially when you have started noticing some soreness and redness . If redness is not noticed, then you can change the pad every 24 hours but make sure you wash the wart with soap and water before putting another pad. If you are active during the day and the pad seems to be pushing the wart, then you can apply the pad at night.
After 2 weeks of treating warts this way, you will notice that the surface of the wart has turned fluffy and white. The white skin layer will be easily removed by the physician and then apply liquid Nitrogen freezing to the base root . Cryosurgery may be slightly uncomfortable but it does not usually bring a painful sensation, you should expect a numbing sensation { something like an ice cube has been dropped on your skin}and when the skin thaws out and the warts are removed, you will feel a slight burning sensation. The healing period for freezing therapy for warts may take few hours to few days.

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