Wart Treatment Cream

Warts are growths on the body that have been caused by the Human Papilloma virus. They can grow anywhere on the body but especially on the hands, face and feet. They are benign and harmless and with a few exceptions, are rarely associated with pain. The main reason why most people prefer to have them removed is because of the fact that they are unsightly.
There are different types of warts depending on where they are found for instance there are common warts and plantar warts with the latter referring to warts on the feet. Warts are contagious and can easily be passed on from one person another. This is another reason as to why most people prefer to have them removed.
There are several methods of treatments that can be used when it comes to wart removal.
Visit a doctor– this is the first step and is by far the most effective. By visiting a doctor, he will be able to examine your wart and tell you the best treatment possible that will be suitable enough for you. At the clinic there are some procedures that you might undergo. One of them is cryosurgery. This basically involves freezing the wart through extreme temperatures after which the doctor performs a small surgery to have it removed. Secondly, there’s electrocautery which uses electricity to burn away the warts. Another option would be surgery itself. In this case, the doctor can use a scalpel or small knife to cut the warts away. Lastly, the doctor may use an acid peel which is applied to the wart then torn off. The acid burns away the warts bit by bit.
Topical applications and creams– warts treatment creams can be found almost everywhere, even at your local pharmacy. The main ingredient that is found in most of these creams is acid. When applied, it burns away the layers of dead skin eventually leaving only smooth wart-free skin. The most common acid found in these creams is salicylic acid. It is more readily available on the market and it has quickly found its way into a variety of products. Most of these medications are in the form of creams while some of them come in gel or liquid form.
If these don’t work, there is still the option of using home removal kits. These kits have everything you may need to remove the wart yourself.

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