Warts – Painless Removal Procedure

Warts – Painless Removal Procedure
Your skin is the most delicate part of your body. At times, growths appear without prior knowledge what causes them. However, never regard its occurrence as something minor. Try to identify them and look for possible treatment. This is important because certain skin diseases can look like warts and early diagnosis prevents such diseases from worsening.
Warts are not as dangerous as people think, yet they create a negative effect on the communal life of a person. Most people associate warts to some sort of horrible disease which is definitely untrue. They are contagious especially when you have weak immune system and direct contact. With this, many hesitate to look for some medical help because of embarrassment.
Usually, they are harmless and naturally disappear. However, planter warts are painful because of their occurrence on the feet. Yet, there is something you can do to treat them painlessly. Some even find it effective in speeding their disappearance. Read on for some tips.
Soften the wart by soaking them with warm water in 20 minutes. You could either use nail file or pumice stone in removing the dead skin and encourage the immune system to work on the excess growth skin.
Put a patch with high levels of salicylic acid or medication in removing warts. Cover the affected part from bandage or tape to keep you from scratching them, and passing the virus to another person.
Next, repeat the preceding soaking, filing and medication application every day for several weeks until it disappears. Expect some irritation due to the solution of salicylic acid that implies it is functioning.
If salicylic acid medication is ineffective for several weeks, try treating them with duct tape which is known to promote wart removal. Still, go through the abovementioned soaking/filling process before putting the duct tape. Aside from being effective, the process is painless and economical alternative for expensive treatments. Some even use solutions made from the oils of garlic and tea tree or rub them with the inner part of banana peel.
The last choice you have if this procedure does not work is by consulting to dermatologists. They may suggest painless medical procedures like retinoids, cantharidin, bleomycin or squaric acid. Granted, they may cause slight discomfort or minor risks but they work best on stubborn warts. Medication is also available in removing warts painlessly.

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