What Is A Wart?

Warts are harmless growths that are fund on the top layer of skin. These viruses are believed to be caused by a virus. The virus that causes these infections is known as Human Papillomavirus, popularly known as HPV. This virus causes the skin cells on the top layer of the skin to rapidly multiply and result in a wart. Experts say that the Human Papillomavirus is ubiquitous hence we all come across it at some time in our lives. There are many types of this virus and some are more likely to cause warts than others. Different types of this virus are responsible for different types of warts.

Warts are spread mainly through direct contact of the skin with the HPV virus. It could be direct skin to skin contact through handshakes and other activities that result in bodily contact or the sharing of personal effects like towels. Contact with the virus is more probable to result in a wart if the skin is cut or damaged because the virus will be exposed directly to the skin.
It has been noted that some people are more susceptible to warts than others. This can be explained by the fact that some people have a stronger immune system than others. Children are more prone to these infections because they have a younger immune system. Apart from age, genetics is also believed to contribute in determining how someone is prone to getting these infections. A person’s genetic makeup will determine how prone they are to warts.
The best way to keep away warts is reducing exposure to the virus. This can be achieved by washing hands regularly and thoroughly. Keeping the skin moisturized and scratch free will ensure that the virus does not get into the skin. Regular cleansing of the skin surface using disinfectant will ensure that the virus is killed immediately before it causes a lot of damage.
For successful treatment, it is important to ensure that prompt action is taken immediately the wart is noticed. This is because each of the warts has the capability to spread the infection to other parts of the body. There are many wart removers that can be found in local drug stores that are effective in the removal of warts. Experts believe that removal is much more effective when done in the early stages of the development of the wart. It is therefore advisable that the wart is treated as soon as it appears using the various methods available.

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