Experiencing rashes on the nipples? It could be warts!

The breast area of the human anatomy is regarded by many as a private and erotic region, not an area you will enjoy having warts.  Any form of irregular pigmentation or inflammations is treated with uttermost urgency. Warts is a viral conditions perpetrated by a pathogenic component known as papilloma. Warts have been known to attack a variety of human body parts and one of the being the nipple area. Nipple warts need to be treated with uttermost urgency because they may be a sign of something much worse.

Nipple irritations that develop into rashes or coarse growth may be an early sign of cancer. Cancer is a broad term that describes a series of diseases that result when there is a frenzied growth of abnormal cells in the body.
On a much lighter note, other forms of nipple inflation and wars are generally harmless. Areola or Montgomery glands appear as growths that are not pleasing to the human eye. Such glands play a vital role in lubricating the nipple area. Any attempts to squeeze the out may create opening for wart viral germs to get through and spread.
Individuals with blocked hair ducts on the areola or nipple may experience hideous looking growths around this area. Such blockages may be as a result of dirt accumulation over time which provides a fertile ground for warts to manifest.
Areola warts can also be transmitted through oral sex. If the nipple area comes into contact with another individual who is infected with warts, then the odds are likely that the nipple will certainly be infected.
In order to determine the full extent of wars on the nipple, a sample culture of the inflammation should be taken an analyzed to determine if it is cancerous. Some of the home remedies proposed for the treatment of areola warts includes the use of banana peel to cure the growths. A banana slice is carefully placed on the sores for a period not exceeding twenty minutes for a time span of two weeks. Discontinue the procedure if visible improvements occur.
Nipple warts that have itching sensations and burning effects ought to use Tea tree oil to soothe the affected are. The oil should be generously applied on the areas experiencing pain and heightened sensitivity.
If nipple warts continue to spread, a victim is encouraged to seek the honest opinion of a dermatologist to counter act further spreading.

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