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Warts are tumors or growths that occur on the skin when the keratin component of it grows too fast. This is brought about a virus known as the Human Papilloma Virus, otherwise commonly referred to as HPV. They are contagious and can easily be passed from one person to another via skin to skin contact.

What are the risks of one developing warts? Or rather, where are warts most common on? In talking about age, warts are not common in infants under the age of three. However, after this, the frequency increases as one explores the older age brackets. Among children between age four and six for example, five to ten percent of them get warts. For the children between the ages of sixteen to twenty, fifteen to twenty percent of them have warts. This frequency surprisingly, starts going down in adult hood.
This phenomenon can largely be attributed to the immune system. It becomes stronger against HPV as the years progress in adulthood. This however, does not mean that if you are very old, you are completely safe from developing warts. You may be surprised to find even ninety year olds with them.
There are types of warts that are known as genital warts. They appear around the anus, penis and vagina. Such are very contagious and dangerous. The HPV virus in them attacks the mucosal tissue lining leading to cancers. Two types of cancers that may be brought about this way are cervical and anal cancers.
Genital warts are common on people who are sexually active. Even condoms do not give a hundred percent protection from them. Anal warts for example are common in people in people who have anal sex. Among them are males who have sex with males. These genital warts can also be transmitted to the mouth in the case of anal sex. In such cases, they may cause mouth or throat cancers.
Warts are also common in people who are used to sharing person items. If you share for example a towel with someone who has warts, there are very high chances that you are going to be infected too. In sharing socks and shoes with someone who has verrucas, you are going to be infected too. Verrucas are types of warts that occur in the soles of the feet and are painful because of the pressure exerted on the feet by the body weight.

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