HELP! My Eyelids are covered with warts.

Imagine for a split second if your entire eye area were covered with warts and other inflammations! Warts are a menace to society and virtually next to impossible to eradicate. Warts are viral in nature and are caused by a pathogenic component known as papilloma. What makes eyelid warts difficult to manage is the fact that they are located in the eye section of the human anatomy which is generally characterized by highly sensitive skin. The use of acid base substances may irritate the cornea leading of blindness. Such kind of liaisons should be handled with uttermost care since warts are highly contagious and may spread to the neck or worst of all, the facial area.

Eyelid warts are spread by coming into contact with surfaces or objects that are carries for the pathogen. An individual who is affected by warts on his/her fingers is encouraged to refrain from touching his face or eyes. Proper hygiene is mandatory to curd this menace. Regular washing of the hands and disinfection of dusty surfaces ought to be done. In addition, an infected individual is warned against sharing clothing with uninfected people. Intensive warts may cover the entire eye hence making it difficult to blink and see. Irritations may occur which in turn may make the eye swell and become teary.
Modern medicine is best used to combat warts of this nature. Cosmetic surgery such laser surgery can be used to treat a worst bout of eyelid warts. Such procedure is expensive and leaves behind nasty looking scars.
A variety of home remedies can be used to manage the spreading of warts. Extracts from fig tree fruits has been used for centuries for warts treatment. During the medieval period, mystics and other healers used the milky content of fig tree fruits in the management of skin warts. The extract was applied generously on the sores for two to three weeks or until skin improvement is duly noted.
Potatoes have been regarded by many as a choice ingredient for making French fries and can be mashed and used as a side dish for various meals. Additionally, it has been documented that potato juice can be used to manage the spread and eventual healing of warts. Potato paste or its juice extract is spread across the affected region for a period of two weeks and skin improvement is guaranteed.
The next time you experience warts on your eyes, it is best you seek advice from a trained medical practitioner.

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