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Warts are viral infections that occur when the keratin component of the skin grows too fast. They appear as growths that are red, grey or dark in color and are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus strain 2 or 7. They are also highly contagious and can easily be passed from one person to another via direct skin to skin contact.

There are a couple of kitchen remedies and precautions that are associated with warts. For example you can use the kitchen to your advantage in removing warts. You can do this by heating some water after covering the warts with a duct tape for a period of about six days.
You should then remove the duct tape over the warts and dip them in the warm water for about five minutes. After this you should scrap off the dead tissue using something hard and rough like a pumice stone. Then leave the warts open for the night and replace the duct tape with a new one. This is a procedure that should be repeated until the warts completely come off.
You should not use any kitchen utensil in the removal of warts because the HPV virus is going to stick on it and spread the warts to other individuals using the same utensil. Apart from this, you may also accidentally spread the warts to another part of the body, mostly likely the mouth and the lips.
For a minor surgical procedure at home to remove warts, it is most advisable that it should be carried out using a scalpel or a blade. However, you can also use a sharp kitchen knife as long as you get rid of it as soon as you are done. To do this, you should first sterilize the knife by maybe passing it over a flame for about a minute or dipping it in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. To numb the area with the warts, you can use an ice cube obtained from the fridge.
After this you should then carefully cut out the warts from their base and use a disinfected cotton wool on the bleeding area. Note that this method may leave scars on the place of the warts.
Something important that you must put in mind is that you should never do the wart removal in the kitchen. The last thing anyone needs is an HPV contaminated kitchen.

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