Warts on Neck! Is there a remedy?

One of the worst experienced an individual has to go through is an encounter with warts. Like a thief in the night, warts strike without prior warning. The embarrassment and discomfort that they cause is enough to send an average human person into as state of self-denial and social seclusion. An untreated case of facial warts may spread downwards into the neck regions of the human anatomy. Warts in general are a viral infection caused by a pathogen by the name of Papilloma. Warts on the neck region are one of the skin ailments classified under viral infections. Warts have been known to be spread by coming into contact with open or raptured sores. Sharing of face towels and clothing items also increase the odds of contracting neck warts.

There are two distinctive but different types of neck warts namely common warts and flat warts. Common warts spot a cream color and are coarse in texture. On the other hand flat warts appear as red  sores that are relatively smooth in texture. In addition, Common warts appear to be slightly larger than flat warts due to their rough surface and larger circular shape. This type of warts is less harmful though slight irritation may occur due to fabric friction or entanglement by jewelry that open up the sores.
There are numerous proposed methods that can be used to remove warts from the neck. Although liquid nitrogen has been recommended by dermatologists to freeze and eventually remove the warts, other conventional methods can be deployed. Duct tape has proofed to be more effective that liquid nitrogen. A sizable amount of duct tape is used to cover the affected region for a period of two weeks. The tape ought to be changed daily and skin improvement is guaranteed within weeks. However, if pain or discolorations intensify, the use of duct tape should be discontinued and an alternative means employed.
Garlic has been used as a herbal supplement for decades. The Egyptians, for example used the herb to treat the common cold. Studies have shown that the application of garlic directly onto the warts infection areas reduced the spread of the infection. within two to three week the inflammations disappear totally leaving behind no visible or hideous scars.
If you are in doubt whether the mentioned home remedies are effective, it is wise to seek the honest opinion of a medical practitioner

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