Warts management: “DO-IT-YOURSELF” Home remedies

Perhaps the question we ought to be asking ourselves is whether there exist home remedies for warts management. Warts refer to a viral skin ailment caused by the Papilloma pathogen. Warts manifest themselves in form of hard inflammations on the skin surface. Such kind of growths is harmless though some may be painful and hideous to look at. Regardless of gender or age, warts may affect anyone at any time.

There exists a general misconception that warts are contracted through handling of frogs and toads. This appears not to be the case since viral infections attack the human body through open wounds and abrasions. Generally, Warts affect the feet and hands (fingers) though they do not pose as a medical risk.
There exist numerous natural cures and home remedies for warts that can be performed from the confines of your house. The most basic of all is the use of castor oil. Infected individuals are directed to apply the oil daily on the affected regions for a period spanning two to three months.
Extracts from fig tree fruits has been used for centuries for warts treatment. During the medieval period, mystics and other healers used the milky content of fig tree fruits in the management of skin warts. The extract was applied generously on the sores for two to three weeks or until skin improvement is duly noted.
Potatoes have been regarded by many as a choice ingredient for making French fries and can be mashed and used as a side dish for various meals. Additionally, it has been documented that potato juice can be used to manage the spread and eventual healing of warts. Potato paste or its juice extract is spread across the affected region for a period of two weeks and skin improvement is guaranteed.
The most effective home remedy for warts control is the use of onions. Onion juice is known to cause irritation to the eyes. Similarly, Onion pulp applied in areas affected by warts irritate that particular skin region prompting an increase in blood circulation.
Although there exist numerous home based remedies for wart caution is emphasized. Treatment for warts on the face varies from those used on the hands or feet. If in doubt, it is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist or any medical practitioner for an accurate diagnosis.

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