Warts On The Face

Warts are growths that occur because of the keratin component of the skin growing too fast. This is something that is brought about by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus, otherwise commonly known as HPV. They are contagious and hence can easily be transmitted from one person to another via skin to skin contact.
People who have warts are usually very concerned about them. Fortunately, most of them disappear by themselves after a period of time. The few that are caused by high risk HPV viruses pose life threatening dangers including cancers. This however is not the only reason that someone should be concerned. Warts are usually unpleasant, irritating and embarrassing especially when they appear in the most visible body parts like the face.
Warts on the face are an area of concern for both men and women. They may occur on any part of the face including the lips and the ears. Warts of this kind, because of their associated embarrassment, usually call for immediate removal.
How can warts on the face be removed? There is a range of methods that one could employ to remove warts on the face. Among them are ones that can be applied at home in addition to ones that are only carried out by doctors.
For people interested in the home inexpensive methods, you can use a duct tape. It is put on the warts and left for about a week. This method is therefore not advisable for people who often go out of their homes as being seen in public with a duct tape across the face is really absurd. It should only be used on people who stay indoors. Let us now go back to the procedure. After about a week of being covered with a duct tape, you should remove it and dip the warts in warm water for about five minutes. Scrap off the dead tissues and leave the warts open for the night and put a new duct tape the following day. This procedure should be repeated until all the warts are removed.
Cryotherapy is a method to use for warts on the face. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts and kill the cells within them. Blisters then develop and after about a week or so, scabs develop and fall off. This may cause scarring so take extreme care when using this method.
For big warts, surgery can be carried out. However, this method often leaves scars, something which makes it quite unacceptable to use on the face.