Common warts

Warts manifest themselves in various ways ranging from abnormal pigmentation and discoloration on the genital area or the face. The common of all warts occur on the tips and edges of the fingers and feet. Unlike other skin ailments, warts are virtually harmful and clear up with time. However, other forms of warts may proof to be persistent and spread haphazardly. In such a scenario medical attention is highly encouraged to keep the menace in check. On a broader perspective, dogs and other home companions of the feline family are also prone to attacks by warts.

The hand especially the finger and elbow region are particularly prone to warts attack. Such kind of attack may appear as rough looking inflammations that are generally painless but hideous to look at. Depending on your skin pigmentation, warts may appear as dark-brown swellings particularly in individuals with dark skin color. In Caucasians or any other individuals with light skin pigmentation, warts may appear as purple or cream colored growths. Warts take up a variety of shapes ranging from circular or uneven distribution. Foot warts ought not to be confused with athletes’ feet. Like any other viral pathogen, foot warts mostly attach the foot in areas that have recently experienced injury. The injury may have prompted the skin region to have abrasions or any other opening. This open areas act as entry points for warts pathogen leading to hardening of that specific region and finally manifesting into a full bout of warts. If left untreated foot warts are known to spread to other regions of the leg but eventually disappear overtime.
Is there any standardized treatment for warts? There is no specific treatment for warts that medical practitioners swear by. Nonetheless, pharmaceutical companies have been working tirelessly to develop creams to treat such skin ailments. What makes treatment practically impossible is the mere fact that there exists no cure for all kinds of viral attacks. Doctors my prescribe creams that exfoliate the affected skin area hence prompting the growth of new pigmentation on the top most epidermal region. Dermatologist may also prescribe drugs that improve the immunity of the body. Once the warts clear out, a template of the infection is left in the body. If warts do strike again the body is generally at a better position to managing the effect of the condition.
The next time you notice discolorations and hardening of your fingers, elbows or feet, keep vigil because warts may just be about to strike.

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