Genital Warts

Genital warts can be described as the epidermal infiltration of the genital region of the skin by the HPV virus. Of more than 100 strains of HPV virus isolated so far , it is believed that more than 30 of such are related to the Genital warts infection, many of such have also been linked to an increased neo-plastic risk in both men and women. There are basically two grades of the HPV virus that results in warts infection, these are; the low grade HPV lesions, and the high risk neoplastic HPV lesions. It is believed that the low-risk lesions of the virus are responsible for genital warts infections on the skin. They are also responsible for the cervical lesions.
The types 6 and 11 strains of the HPV virus are responsible for around 85% of the genital warts occurrence in both men and women, and most of these are very likely to developed into some kinds of malignant tumours. Genital warts are often characterized by rough popular eruptions, which can be flesh coloured, brown or red . It may become invasive or may regress. Some forms of the viral infections can become locally invasive.
The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is more common among individuals suffering from some immune deficiencies. It is one of the most transferred sexual diseases in the world (people who are very sexually active can easily contact the infection from an untreated individual). In the United States alone, genital warts come with a annual occurrence of 1%,  The life time risk of the infection in sexually active people is put at 50%. Most genital warts infections are transient in nature and can be cleared out without intervention within 2 years.
Latent illness which may occur as a result of Genital warts often become more prominent in pregnant women, people who suffer from immune deficiencies can also have their chances of getting a recurring genital warts increased by more than double. Such immune deficiencies can also determine the size as well as recurrence rate of the infection. Crusting may occur especially when there is trauma associated with Vulva warts. Flat warts if the penis can result in bleeding while the lesions appear to disfigure the region.
Both sexes have the same chances of developing genital warts, however the infection is more prominent among individuals within the age range of 15-33 years. One of the bad sides of genital HPV infection is that multiple infections may develop at different sites at the same time.

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