Treating Warts

The treatment of warts regardless of the type will largely depend on the age of patient, level of the patient’s immune system, location and size of the infected part of the body. The patient’s preferences as well as experiences of the patient with warts will also determine significantly the kind of wart treatments to be used. A boost in the immunological approach to an individual’s immune system as well as the use of destructive liquid Nitrogen are some of the best and fastest ways of removing warts.
Common warts are often treated with liquid freezing Nitrogen , and it is a treatment that is good for people that can tolerate the pain. This form of treatment also result in the formation of scars. Resistant lesions of common warts can be treated with Pulse dye laser or CO2 laser. Cantharone treatment is often used in treating warts in children as they can easily tolerate such forms of treatments.
Flat warts are kind of warts that frequently occur on the face and legs. Care is often taken to avoid warts treatment that can trigger some form of allergic reactions when treating flat warts. Very light liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy is often used in the treatment of flat warts because it helps prevent scarring. Shaving has been know to spread flat warts and it is advisable not to shave frequently to avoid spreading such warts to other parts. Topical treatments such as tretinoin acid can be used to deal with flat wart without any likely side effects.
Plantar warts seem to be the most stubborn type of warts around and it is often treated with the highest concentration of liquid freezing Nitrogen. The soreness and swelling developed during treatment of plantar warts with Liquid Nitrogen can make walking quite difficult for a number of days. Salicylic acid can also be used alongside liquid freezing Nitrogen which thins the warts down. The treated surface is covered for several days until the warts growth and eaten off.
Wart lesions can be soften with some duct tape and such duct tapes can be self curative in some ways. Making the skin mushy as well as changing the water content periodically can help the patient gets cure from warts soonest. Surgery as well as scraping of warts is often discouraged because the scarring that may occur may become much painful on the foot