Remove Warts At Home

Warts are tumors or growths that occur on the skin after one gets into contact with the Human Papilloma Virus. It causes the keratin part of the skin to grow too fast resulting into unpleasant growths. They are contagious, especially in the case of genital warts, and can hence be passed from one individual to another.
A very critical topic is the removal of warts. Most can disappear by themselves but it is advisable not to wait. Get rid of them as soon as possible and in most effective way possible. There are many reasons for this and among them is the fact that some warts, although few, can lead to various cancers.
How can you remove warts at home? Wart removal at home applies the easiest methods that do not need a lot of expertise. Among them is the use of a duct tape. It is placed over a wart and left after six days, after which it is removed and the wart dipped in warm water for about five minutes. This acts on the dead tissues and to rub them off, use something hard such as a pumice stone. The wart is then left uncovered for the night and a new piece of duct tape placed on it the next day. This process is repeated until all the warts completely come off.
One can also remove warts by the using a simple surgical procedure. Numb the area around the wart with an ice cube then use a scalpel to cut it out from the base. Please note that this method is not very effective in terms of completely eliminating the Human Papilloma Virus. There therefore is a chance that the wart is going to grow back after some time.
The use of antibiotics is not going to work against warts. They are not bacterial but viral, something which renders the antibiotics or antibacterial treatments ineffective against them. Another precaution to take is to ensure that you do not try to remove the wart using your nails or your teeth. This will just end up transferring the HPVs to your fingertips or lips, thus aggravating the problem.
Care should always be taken no matter which method you use to remove the warts. However, please note that the best and effective methods are the ones that are carried out by a dermatologist.