Will Warts Disappear By Themselves?

Among the questions people ask about warts are; “Are warts cancerous?” and “Will warts disappear by themselves?” In a bid to answer these questions, warts are not cancerous. However, they can lead to cancer due to the Human Papilloma Virus that is the causing agent. Not all types of warts fall under this category. In fact, very few do. An example is genital warts that may lead to cervical and anal cancers, just to mention but a few.
Warts are tumors or growths that occur on the skin after that particular skin part comes into contact with the Human Papilloma Virus, in other words commonly known as HPV. They are usually ugly and unpleasant and most of the times when they appear, they come along with many health concerns.
Warts also, fortunately, can disappear by themselves. This applies to many warts, but not all. Others do not disappear until treated or removed. It is advisable to see a dermatologist when you notice a wart on your skin. He or she should be in the best position to advise you further on how to address the wart. In the case where it does not disappear by itself, it may have to be removed.
There are many options to choose from in the case of wart removal. Among them is cryotherapy that involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze warts. This kills the cells within it and a blister develops of which turns into a scab and falls off after one week or so.
The use of salicylic acid is another option that one may choose to explore. Where can it be obtained from? Most creams and gels that are bought of the counter normally contain salicylic acid within them. Applying them for three months or so is going to get rid of the warts. However, caution must be paid as high strength salicylic acid is known to harm healthy human skin.
There are numerous other ways of treating warts. They include laser treatment, electrocautery, cantharidin, photodynamic therapy, chemical treatments etc. If they are not successful in the wart removal, there is always the option of surgery, although warts treated this way reappear after some time. It also recommended in the case of very large warts on the skin.
Warts therefore are viral infections on the skin that can either disappear by themselves or removed by medical procedure. There is no reason as to why someone should continue bearing them as this creates a danger of HPV transmission.